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Well known for their antics and their joyful mood on paraclubs, the Solaris are not less excellent competitors. Indeed, from the freefly team with Osmose being vice-champions of europe in 2009, solaris also became vice-champions of wold in 2012 and ice-champions europe freestyle in 2011.
While the two soldiers, they divide their time between their job and their training.




Sports instructor in the Army, para Loïc begins in 2001 and now accounts for just over 3500 jumps and 60 hours of wind tunnel.
Performer and captain of the team, Loïc brings her craziness and creativity in the style of jumps and its combination!!!


freestyle team solaris


      Loïc Perrouin





Transmitter in the Army, Peter said "pierro" begins the paragraph now totals in 2004 and 2800 jumps and 50 hours of wind tunnel.
Videographer from its competitor and patent C, Pierro brings all his experience of the image for better performance.


lolo and pierro freestyle

skydivers team



Pierre rabuel




2014 Vices champions du monde de freestyle à Prostejov.

2013 Vice champions d'Europe (Bosnie)

2013 2ème place de la coupe du monde

2012 Vice champions du monde (Dubaï)

2012 Vice champions de France (Vichy)

2011 Vices champions d'Europe (Allemangne)

2011 2ème de la Coupe du monde

2010 Vice champions de France (Vichy)


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