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Yohann Aby



Yohann ABY

Yohann was born in France (Grenoble) on April 7th 1985.
At the age of 11, he joined a «sport-study» program in Aix-les-bains where he stayed for 7 years where he practiced gymnastics intensely. At 18 he started a Bachelor degree in technics and sicence of physical activity and sports.
After more than 10 years of experience in gymnastics, Yohann started to think of retraining in order to become a competitor in another sport. And this is how he fell in love with skydiving when, in 2004, he completed his training programm at Lapalisse.
At 40 jumps (in 2005), he started the training program to join the French Freestyle team and was coached by Robin Dubuisson and Nicolas Arnaud. He stayed for 4 years until 2009 when he joined the French National team Akrostyle with Sebastien Chambet for his first world cup.

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2009 2nd World Cup and 1st at European Championship (Czech republic)
2010 1st World Championship (Russia)
2011 1st World Cup and 1st European Championship (Germany)
2012 1st World Championship (Dubaï)
2013 1st World Cup and 1st at European Championship

After Dubaï, Yohann ABY creates a new team with Will Penny (Babylon member) and the "AKROBABYLON" is born.
All along this time, Yohann becomes friends with the opponent Freestyle team Solaris and they decided, in 2013 to create a Freefly team, Team 3 Style.
The next competitions sound really promising, as friends, team members and opponents are going to compete together in some way !!!  ;-)!!!